Making the show work!

Over the past decade, our powerhouse Show Works team has honed its skills at bringing all elements of a presentation together, ensuring the client’s vision is realised through the expert management of production, entertainment, technical and logistics. The team comprises experienced performers, all with numerous theatre, film and television credits to their name. As such, they are able to see things from that special showbiz angle – allowing the audience to experience a slick, professional and WOW! end product.

Show Calling

Co-ordinating all elements of the show or presentation, from lighting, audio-visual, sound, auto-cue, to backstage and front-of-house.

Stage Management

Ensuring all elements behind the scenes run smoothly and timeously; cueing speakers, performers and entertainers; managing all onstage elements.


Producing and directing all performance elements of an event including staging, speakers, presentations and entertainment elements, and ensuring it culminates in an unforgettable final product.

Choreography & Staging

Choreographing all disciplines of dance to suit any event or show; aesthetically bringing together all elements of a performance including lighting, sound, costume and movement to ensure a cohesive, dazzling end product.

  • Having worked with Show Works over the last few years, we consider you as an integral part of our team!  You work so professionally, seamlessly and effectively with both Mela and our clients, you play a vital role in the delivery of large scale events and are definitely the ‘go to’ team when it comes to ensuring we can successfully deliver on content, show calling and stage production.  Thank you for making it so easy for us!  We look forward to creating and delivering many more successful productions.  You guys rock!

    Tiziana Tucci, Director | Mela Events