Ticking ALL the boxes!

It takes an orchestra to create a symphony.  At Show Works we pride ourselves on being able to play most of the instruments ourselves, making us a truly one-stop shop. Our approach to planning, executing and controlling project processes is methodical and thorough. Within the scope of each project, we offer additional support services to elevate your event or campaign to a top-class affair.

Corporate Training

Working with inexperienced and nervous speakers on their presentations to guarantee they are confident and in control; teaching mic techniques and auto-cue approach, as well as directing the presentation as a whole.

Script Writing

Creative corporate scripting for speakers and MCs, ensuring the event flows as a cohesive entity and brand messaging is effectively communicated.


Set, lighting, costume and prop design for various disciplines including theatre, corporate entertainment and film.

Graphic design of elements such as invitations, presentation templates, and branding, guaranteeing that the look and feel of the event has a clear follow-through from start to finish.

Presentation Clean-up

Assisting speakers with designing and cleaning up their presentation templates, ensuring all presentations are in correct formats, have a uniform look and feel, and work cohesively to create a slick production.

Branding Strategy

Bringing your corporate identity to life successfully, ensuring that your logos, corporate colours, fonts, and imaging are consistently integrated into every element of the event so that your CI takes centre stage.

RSVP Management

Staging a fantastic event is futile if no-one arrives.  Show Works has partnered with various suppliers to create a full RSVP management solution tailor-made for your event, conference or campaign. This covers all aspects of communication with your guests: creation and management of online invitations; travel and personalised itineraries; communication across all linked social media platforms; post-event reporting capabilities.

  • Having worked with Show Works over the last few years, we consider you as an integral part of our team!  You work so professionally, seamlessly and effectively with both Mela and our clients, you play a vital role in the delivery of large scale events and are definitely the ‘go to’ team when it comes to ensuring we can successfully deliver on content, show calling and stage production.  Thank you for making it so easy for us!  We look forward to creating and delivering many more successful productions.  You guys rock!

    Tiziana Tucci, Director | Mela Events