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Show Works Creative Entertainment

Lisa and Sally met and became firm friends while studying Performing Arts at the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town. While both ladies are experienced performers in theatre, television and film, they found they had a passion for directing, producing, scriptwriting, and all the ‘organisational’ aspects of the entertainment industry. Thus the creation of Show Works Creative Entertainment in 2006.

With the passion, drive and combined talents that these two ladies have, the company has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the South African event services industry, gaining regional, national and international clients, who trust this dynamic team to deliver exceptional brand campaigns and bespoke events.

Adding to this the outstanding talents and skills of the broad spectrum of top-notch performers and suppliers with whom relationships have been built with over the years, Show Works continues to grow and flourish.

And what drives the team?

Strategy sessions (more commonly known as sushi lunches with bubbles)
Teambuilding days (at the spa…. essential to keep us calm, cool and collected at all times – surely this should be a tax deductible expense?!)
A dedicated team of colleagues to work with (more like a big, noisy family)
Liquid refreshment – we drink a LOT of coffee!
The sound of an audience responding to something we have created (the best feeling ever!)
Client emails that read, “Would you be able to squeeze an event in Mauritius into your next month’s diary?” (going to paradise in the middle of winter, oh yeah!)
Satisfied clients who give us wonderful feedback like this: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a creative, passionate team whose enthusiasm and energy put a smile on everyone’s faces. Your involvement with every facet of our event and brand made it feel like you were all part of the Panarottis family.” – Tyrone Herdman-Grant, COO, Panarottis

Lisa Wynne

Lisa Wynne

Strengths: Lisa is unflappable, funny, tireless and a control freak, the ultimate “Energizer Bunny”

Weakness: She never says no! And she’s a control freak… it can be a problem sometimes

Favourite Saying: “Essentially, we CAN do it!”

Weird Obsession: Chicken…roast chicken, actually, ANY chicken…she could live on it… and does!

Sally Robinson

Sally Robinson

Strengths: Sally is creative and clever, pragmatic, and unendingly loyal

Weakness: She is sensitive and agonises over every detail, a bit of a stress-ball, but she’s the one who dots the i’s and crosses the t’s, so, super handy!

Favourite Saying: “But wait…!” (Big eyes at Lisa who has just said, “Essentially, we CAN do it!”)

Weird Obsession: She is a collector of cats (#crazycatlady) and snow globes! But she doesn’t have a snow globe with a cat in it… yet….

Aimee Valentine

Aimee Ward

Strengths: Aimee has a great YES attitude, and is enthusiastic, determined and confident. She is an indispensable asset to the Show Works team, particularly because she is also the only one in the office who can work the scan & printer.

Weakness: Aimee cares fiercely for her nearest and dearest and about what she does… so watch your step, (we do!)

Favourite Saying: “Yes, I agree, let’s do it!”

Weird Obsession: Reality TV, and a yummy breakfast – preferably at the same time to ensure a good start to the day!

Sample Heading

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, the Show Works team has a vast range of expertise in all areas of event coordination, execution and project support.

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