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Double Shot Latte Please

May has been a month full of surprises. It started pretty quietly, with one or two campaigns running smoothly, no big shakes and nothing to stress about. So, a little bit ho-hum. We even did some marketing, a task generally reserved for the beginning of the year. This year started with a bang though, so it took us 5 months to get around to it. We drank Vida coffee and caught up with old clients and sent our stuff to prospective clients and just chilled out a little.

But, as Cristina said on the last episode of Greys (how much does her departure suck? I mean, seriously?), everything can change in a heartbeat. And… it really did! Not only is no one ho-ing or humming any more (actually, scratch that, Sally is always humming), but in less then a month we will be packing our bags for Mauritius baby! Yep, Show Works has booked our first international event! The call came in from NBC Universal and we downed our coffee and sprang to action.

NBC: can you put together a high profile event in a foreign location for 150 journalists showcasing 5 different aspects of our business… and make it an extravaganza.
SW: YES!!!
NBC: It’s in 35 days.
SW: Gulp. More coffee! But still, YES!!!

We are now hard at work putting together this very exciting event, which has us thinking even more out of the box than usual, because we can’t use our trusty suppliers and need to source everything locally. We have already hooked up with some great companies in Mauritius and are feeling confident that we will indeed produce extravagance.

But wait, there’s more…. The next day, we got an email from Discovery Networks asking us to put together an event and 4 day stand at the Good Food and Wine Show in JHB this year, in two months time. We always look forward to  working on Discovery’s Upfront every year and so are very chuffed to have another DN event added to our calendar.

On top of those two big events we are also in the process of confirming all entertainment elements for the International Federation of Automation Control Conference this year for our client African Agenda, and brainstorming ideas for an upcoming Paarl Media event which just popped into our inboxes this week.

And, and, and! There is another super-secret, high profile, shhhh don’t say anything, event in the pipeline and it will also require our passports! Watch this space.

Shoo…reading back on this we are feeling incredibly blessed and quite astounded that our little business, which we started by taking children’s shows around to local schools, has reached international heights. It’s pretty great. Coffee to celebrate? (Vida moved in across the road, can you tell?)

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