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It Doesn’t get Bette-r than Lucy

Show Works had a fabulous night out at the Alexander Bar Theatre last night, to watch “Stealing the Show: Bette Midler”, performed by Lucy Tops, direction by Garth Tavares, written by Jon Keevy. The show features Lucy Tops as a luckless and desperate diva discovering the reasons why Bette’s music has the power to move us like no other in the most intimate the­atre in Cape Town. And a powerful and intimate experience it was. The theatre is little, but lovely,  and we were highly impressed with how quick and easy it was to book on their website. They have a great line up of shows upcoming and we look forward to many more nights of entertainment there.

The show is fun, and funny and we enjoyed the natural and honest rapport between Lucy and her talented pianist (and director) Garth Tavares. And Lucy…well, Lucy is a superstar. As an actress she is warm and funny, vulnerable and engaging. As a singer, she is faultless and in control, power-house and knock-em out of the stadium GREAT, and the total package that she delivers has one-of-a-kind star quality that truly moves people. It moved every audience member last night. In one 45 minute show Lucy had fingers clicking, toes-tapping, hands clapping, people singing along, 80 year olds dancing (and almost stealing the show), the entire house doubled-over with laughter and a row in the middle weeping their hearts out.
We won’t mention any names.
Okay we will.
It was us.

We love Lucy, and if you don’t love her yet, make sure to catch thislimited-run of Stealing the Show, so she can steal your hearts too.

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