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Christmas Mailer Wrapping Presents

Our 2017 Wrap Up

Yes, we know. Another year, no posts, so busy, so sorry, excuses excuses. But really… SO busy. So very wonderfully, challengingly, excitingly and stimulatingly busy. It’s been a goodie!  And our lonely, but lovely blog sat quietly forgotten, waiting for this day in the limelight.

Actually, you know, it’s all Angi’s fault. She writes the blog, and she went and had baby. Another baby. There are so many of them now. But so few blog posts.

Right, now that blame has been apportioned we can get down to business. 2017 was really and truly fabulous! The past 6 months have been a whirlwind of events and pitches and trips to JHB and tag teaming in and out of the office. To take a look at some of our most recent projects that have been keeping us busy, check out: PNP Management Conference, M-Net Showcase, E! How Do I Look? SA launch campaign, Anchor Oenology Rewards Day & Discovery Networks Madiba Launch .

Now, as mentioned, Angi wasn’t here for all of this, and as also mentioned, Angi is writing this blog (in the plural third person-it’s weird, we know), and so, to get an idea of what the year meant to the team, she conducted an interview:

ANGI: What was your FAVOURITE EVENT and WHY?

LISA: It’s a toss-up between the Month of Madness (or March as normal people call it) with 18 days of events on the trot (spending only 2 nights in my own bed!) and the M-Net Showcase event where we produced 10 shows in one event!

SALLY: Ooh, that’s difficult because they are all so different. But I really enjoyed working on all the makeovers for the How Do I Look campaign – what’s not to love? – giving people the awesome experience of being glammed up by a professional hair, make up and styling team, and the Before and After pics are fab!

I also loved working on the Madiba Event, particularly the “Pop-Up Shop”. I think this is a great concept for gifting at events, as nobody wants a boring branded premium anymore! How fun to be able to pick and choose what you like from a selection of fantastic collectibles and gifts.

AIMEE: Oh, it has to be Pick n Pay’s 50th Birthday celebration that took place in Sun City this year. We kicked off the week with incredible performances by Freshly Ground and Lira and culminated in an original, South African Music CoLab, with industry GREATS, such as Cito, Kurt Darren, The Parlotones, Mafikizolo, Refentse, ProVerb, Rene and Black Coffee!! I know…WOW right??

ANGI: What was your WORK HIGHLIGHT OF 2017?

LISA: working in Mauritius for Mela Events on the Standard Bank Mark of Excellence Awards …hey, it’s Mauritius (enough said!)

mauritius cocktails

SALLY:  I had a total fangirl moment working with Claire Johnson from Mango Groove at the Pick n Pay Franchisee conference in July. Mango Groove was the first cassette I have owned as a teenager, and I LOVE them! Claire is so lovely to work with, and super talented – plus she gave us a signed copy of her new CD! Boom!


AIMEE: Working with my favourite South African comedian, Marc Lottering, on Aunty Merle the Musical and watching something magical happen every single day. I know that this project has been a love child of Marc’s for many years and to finally watch it coming to life was just incredible.



LISA: The moment right before the Awards Show for ABInBev’s Global Conference with a video-conference bridge link between all the participating countries around the world, when I realised I was about to call a show I had NEVER seen before nor knew ANYTHING about – thank goodness for an incredible and focussed team! We ROCKED it!

SALLY:  It’s always hard to remember them afterwards, but I know there have been MANY throughout the year! Weather is always a huge stress in the eventing industry – the wind levels at the Cape Town Carnival in March caused major headaches as we had to remove branding at the last minute, and at our Anchor SideCar experience the heavens opened and it was BUCKETING down with rain just as the event started – I think I prefer INDOOR events!!!

AIMEE: Trying to get Nick Rabinowitz to say the word “FIREWORKS”.

Cue hysterical laughter from Aimee, Lisa and Sally. Angi has no idea why. She wasn’t there.

ANGI:  What was your FUNNIEST MOMENT OF 2017?

AIMEE: Trying to get Nick Rabinowitz to say “FIREWORKS”.

nik rab

More laughter. They’ve told Angi the story now. It’s funny. But too long to write here.

ANGI:  What was your PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT of 2017?

LISA:  Taking off on a plane to Bali with all 4 Wynnes in tow for 2 weeks… after the crazy manic months of July and August!

SALLY:  A very special trip to Barcelona ;-)

AIMEE: Our family of two became a family of THREE this year, with the addition of our extremely cute beagle puppy “Hunter”.

ANGI: Ooh, ooh, I can answer this one! Adding another James to the clan with the arrival of our darling baby Chloe.


And now, Angi, (and all of you millions of wonderful readers), are caught up on 2017! It’s been a great year, and we are so very grateful for the many special moments and countless blessings.

Let’s do it all again in 2018!

*With Angi this time.

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