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Hi Show Works, I just want to let you know what an amazing show you put together – it really was special and I know that we will want to repeat the success with more shows next year. As usual, you and your cast were slick and professional and delivered a superb performance which the crowd came specially to see. Have a great Christmas and we will be in touch soon. – Andrew Smith, Marketing Manager: Events, Entertainment & Partnerships

It’s a huge pleasure to work with Show Works and your team of entertainers…anytime I say! You certainly made an impression and a huge impact on the event…Thank you so much! What a great bunch of people! It was great to have professionals on hand I didn’t have to worry about at all…the rehearsals showed you’d done your job and in full costume it was amazing! – Sally Owen, Managing Director, The Creative Type

Love your work Show Works! – Warren Harding, Marketing Manager, BizCommunity

The team was in full force and everything went superbly. – Cheryl Naidoo, At Vogue Communications

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