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It has been a year of new additions here at Show Works, our family keeps growing! We added a canine, two infants (one still in the incubation process), an office (yes, ANOTHER new one), and, most excitingly, an Aimee! Yes Aimee, to us, you are more exciting than newborn baby Georgia. Naturally Angi will probably be reluctant to agree to that one, but – spoiler alert – Angi is the one writing this! You are that RAD. (And you don’t wake her – me – up four times a night!)*

You are reading this and thinking, bold statement. What could possibly be so great about Aimee that she gets a whole blog post of her own, and pips tiny little toes to the post?


AimeeOnlineJK- (2)Ms Aimee Valentine (insert suitable lovey-dovey-cupid’s-arrow-steal-your-heart analogy here) has been part of the greater Show Works team since 2011 as a performer, team leader, and a project manager, and we are now thrilled to have her on board full time.  She is a no nonsense, say it like it is kinda gal and loves all the things we love… order, efficiency, champagne and ticking things off lists. She has keen eye for detail and her practical mind cuts to the core of the issue. We love her dark and witty sense of humour and her great big laugh that fills the office, and annoys the neighbours.

She has been with us for a month; a month that was intended to be a gentle welcome and initiation to Show Works life. But, Show Works life is not gentle, and so what Aimee got was the deep end, and there were no water wings in the costume store for her to use. She started by project managing a four day campaign for Discovery Networks, while Lisa and Sally were galavanting in Zambia and Angi was changing nappies. Then, she single handedly moved office for us, pretty much on her first day in office, or rather, between offices! That was followed by two JHB trips in two weeks, a five hour long board meeting with international clients, and a daily to-do list that would scare even the most productive person on a caffeine high. Aimee has just had to sink or swim…and boy, has she been swimming!

Welcome Aimee, it is lovely to have you with us, we look forward to splashing about with you.

*Georgia, if you read this one day, Mommy loves you.


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